One rainy weekend!

cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream and co...

cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream and cocoa powder (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

225320_10151505313365659_640575782_a    Last weekend as many know, was the Spring Spectacular Arts/Crafts fair in Portland, TN..  

      It rained all day Saturday!  

It was also very cold!  

I did have a blast however!  I met a lot of very great people, I had a lesson in what to do and what not to do.  I had a great deal of positive feedback.  And, I came home with many good idea’s for my next fair in June.


So, even though I had 2 jackets on, I went squish in the mud every time I left the building.  The cafeteria ran out of Hot Chocolate real early and none of the stalls in the ladies restroom had locks on the doors, I had a very good time.

crammedAmazing how much one can cram into a Mini Cooper.  Of course you can’t see out the back, but hey….. I still had my side view mirrors.

tableA very good friend of mine, who came to help, sitting behind my table at the booth.

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Opium Poppy


My latest paper mache letter – “O”

I saw an Opium Poppy for the first time recently. These flowers have such delicate petals of pink, red, orange and purple. Just had to paint them on a letter. So, what better letter than the “O”. The stamen is such a contrast from the petals, the flower just pops with color!
This paper mache letter is 8 inches.

Since I have decided not to sell my “P”.  Mainly because I am not to happy about it.  I have almost worked my way through the alphabet.

I must admit that I do have a time taking pictures that are light enough.  I tried taking several pictures of this “O”, but this is the best…. and yet a little dark.  ??????????

I took this one outside, but hence…. still a little too dark.  Ahhh, maybe not.  What do you think?  I’d love to hear.

So here are my letters, from A – O and maybe the P, but it will not be going in my Etsy shop.



DD in Lace completed

Eelephants earth and elderberries

FF  for fence with pretty flower

GGerbera Daisy G

H ??????????Heather H ??????????

IIvy I







and the collage P


I think these run the gamut of ideas…. child like themes,  whimsical themes, and with the flowers maybe just a few that adults might like.  I also have some letters that I have done for specific people….. here they are

Amelias A

Blairs B the one that started it all

and an “R”  that was given as a wedding present, the only picture I have is sort of blurry

Scot and Jessica

I thought this was a real cute idea, I painted lace on the very large letter in the couples favorite colors and attached white flowers in the bend.

On to a special item, I hope in time for Thanksgiving…..

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M N ….. O to come later…. P already done.


(I’m really wondering how still I have to stand to keep some of these photos from being so blurry. )

Thank you for letting me get that off my chest. 

These are my two newest letters

“M” – 8″ paper mache letter.  Morning Glory…. ( I actually think my best friend Michele plans to scarf this up, but I wanted to show it any hoot. ) 

“N” – 12″ wooden letter.  Naughty or Nice….  I really enjoyed doing this one. 

I am working on my “O” now.  I’m going with a Opium Poppy for the subject.  I very pretty flower that I think will make a lovely subject matter.


“P” – Paper was my subject.  A collage of craft paper, paper dolls, algebra books ( didn’t see any reason to not use them, won’t be needing them any longer myself!)  Ha!  I also threw a couple of photos of Shirley Temple in there. 

I actually created the “P” a while back, but decided that since I wasn’t staying in sequence with the letters I would wait until I got to the M,N,O before showing it.  Okay, I have skipped over “O”, but only for a short time.

Side note……..

Sweet Tea & Shopping


Last Chance Santa

A Handmade & Vintage Holiday Celebration


Saturday, Dec. 7, 2013 – 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.

Bottom View Farm – 185 Wilkerson Lane

Portland, TN 37148

I will be in my first Crafts Fair on December 7th in Portland, TN . 

I am Oh So excited about this……

If you are anywhere in Middle Tennessee on the 7th, please try to stop by for a introduction, look see and visit.

I will have a number of drawings, my letters, aprons and purses with me. All wanting you to get them out of my closet and on to more useful circumstances.