A Storm Passing by….. here comes the Sun! Hooray!

??????????   A Storm passing by……

A friend of mine on facebook put this picture on his timeline some time ago.  I placed it in my favorites and kept going back to look at it from time to time.  I really wanted to draw it, but I had to think on it for a while.  Partly, I thought about it because I needed to decide how it must be done, but also I wanted to be in the right frame of mind before tackling it.

I thought it turned out quite nice, especially since I decided to paint the sunshine peeking through the clouds with an acrylic wash.  I really needed to convey this sunshine in a tremendous way.  I like how it worked.  Quite pleased.  Of course, I am no photographer, so getting the right photo is definitely a challenge.  I am learning about lighting.  Too much light and it isn’t represented correctly, too little and it’s just too dark.  The trick for me is finding that “Happy Place” where it is just right.

We had a snow day today, Ha!  I laugh because there is no snow!  There hasn’t been all day.  The school system with which I work, was talked into it by the weathermen of Nashville, TN..  They speak of weather illusively until it’s here for all the world to see, but yesterday they were all so confident that the weather would turn on us, that they talked the school system into believing them.  Ha!  Wrong!  No snow!  So, hundreds of kids are stuck home playing video games and watching tv instead of going to school.  And, I get a snow day…. that wonderful day where I don’t go to school, I’m not sick and I get paid for it!  Ha!  We have not had the extreme snow problem that has plagued the US of late.  We have had frigid weather one day and spring like days the next.  A very strange winter, we already have used 3 of our 6 snow days, so I hope that we continue to live without snow now.  But, I say that understanding that many, including members of my own family have been stranded, stopped and over taken by snowstorms…..

May we all see the sunshine really soon!  Spring….. where are you?  

A question?

I was told last week that I should stick to drawing.  Umm…..  This person that will remain nameless or faceless said that I needed to forget the letters. “?” 

ImageThey are so much fun!  I did sell one….

ImageI was thrilled!  It is true that drawing is my first love!  I love to draw architecture.  ImageI also love to draw country scenes ImageImage this is a fact, however I am still to sell one of these in my Etsy Shop http://www.etsy.com/allbeckyscreations.  I do love it so!  

What do you think?  I really want to know. 








Add a new field


my new website….. Ugh!



Here it is….. This is as far as I can go without any knowledge about the workings of the computer.  I bought a template, it was the wrong type template for what I wanted to sell.  

I emailed to see if I could trade in a new one at the same price.  “Sure” they said.  I looked and came up with another….. I’m not sure it’s what I need either?  

I’m feeling pretty pathetic.  My kids knew this stuff in Junior High….!    Ugh!  

I will make this proclamation….. If it takes the rest of my natural life, I will have a new website, come hell or high water.  

I just want to sell my art work….that’s all!  

I Love You, A Rebus Poem

51xtBUUssdL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_by Jean Marzollo, illustrated by Suse Macdonald

This is our February book for “read it once again”.  I like this book.  It’s a very sweet poem about love.  I perfect book for Valentine’s Day.  Our book for January was ” The three Billy Goats Gruff”.

51BtKkJTUEL._SX258_PJlook-inside-v2,TopRight,1,0_SH20_BO1,204,203,200_not a favorite of mine.

I drew the three billy goats on our dry erase board, and I was not happy with it.  But, what do you expect when my heart wasn’t in it.

Any hoot,  I was more than happy to do a banner with some of the illustrations of  “I Love You” .

photo 3This photo hasn’t captured the entire page I drew, but it is most of it.

photo 4 photo 2Here is a better breakdown of the entire picture, of course it takes 2 photo’s.

I thought it turned out good.  I did it in record time, but then when you are really into something and love it…. it comes fast!