My second portrait – Dad (many years ago)

In a previous post from October 7th I showed my progress with my very first portrait  of my grandfather.  Just as a beginning place, I wanted to remind you of the progress from beginning to end.

I don't know who this is, but it's not my grandfather

I don’t know who this is, but it’s not my grandfather




My completed piece was a much better portrait than I began with.

Since drawing has always been a passion of mine, it startles me now that I allowed myself to have such difficulty learning to draw a portrait.  As a girl, they just scared me so bad, so I stuck with still life, and architecture.


Now, on to Daddy….

Oh, just as with Papa, when I began Dads portrait I miscalculated and came out with this…. (don’t judge me….)

So upsetting

but, I caught a deep breathe and started over…….

this is what I have so far……

getting better....

getting better….

I would really like to get all the kinks out before I start on Mom.

Practice, practice, practice……

Total Art Soulcraftori_badge

M N ….. O to come later…. P already done.


(I’m really wondering how still I have to stand to keep some of these photos from being so blurry. )

Thank you for letting me get that off my chest. 

These are my two newest letters

“M” – 8″ paper mache letter.  Morning Glory…. ( I actually think my best friend Michele plans to scarf this up, but I wanted to show it any hoot. ) 

“N” – 12″ wooden letter.  Naughty or Nice….  I really enjoyed doing this one. 

I am working on my “O” now.  I’m going with a Opium Poppy for the subject.  I very pretty flower that I think will make a lovely subject matter.


“P” – Paper was my subject.  A collage of craft paper, paper dolls, algebra books ( didn’t see any reason to not use them, won’t be needing them any longer myself!)  Ha!  I also threw a couple of photos of Shirley Temple in there. 

I actually created the “P” a while back, but decided that since I wasn’t staying in sequence with the letters I would wait until I got to the M,N,O before showing it.  Okay, I have skipped over “O”, but only for a short time.

Side note……..

Sweet Tea & Shopping


Last Chance Santa

A Handmade & Vintage Holiday Celebration


Saturday, Dec. 7, 2013 – 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.

Bottom View Farm – 185 Wilkerson Lane

Portland, TN 37148

I will be in my first Crafts Fair on December 7th in Portland, TN . 

I am Oh So excited about this……

If you are anywhere in Middle Tennessee on the 7th, please try to stop by for a introduction, look see and visit.

I will have a number of drawings, my letters, aprons and purses with me. All wanting you to get them out of my closet and on to more useful circumstances.

Stepping Out!

When I was a little girl I wanted to be Juliet Prowse.  I wanted to dance!

I realized at some point that I was just way too short to be Juliet Prowse, so I decided that it would be much more realistic to be Mitzi Gaynor….

See, that’s a whole lot more realistic.  Ha!

Needless to say after taking ballroom dancing from a friend of my mother at the age of 12, 13 or 14?  I can’t remember, I didn’t dance again.. I would tell you that I did the shag in college, which is both true and not true.  I was so self conscious in college that I wouldn’t do it in front of a male at all.  Well, that’s kind of not the truth either.  I did it once, but I was terribly drunk.  As I recall, a little later in the evening I got terribly sick…  probably jostling all that alcohol around in my tummy!  Ha!

I did dance one dance, once with my ex husband… in the early years… but he told me that I bounced.  So, I never danced with him or anyone else again.

Any hoot, my daughter introduced me to a co-worker who belonged to Meetup.  Meetup It’s a very great organization that matches people up with their interests.  This co worker said that she belonged to a swing dance group where you can take an hour lesson during the first hour and then you have 3 hours to just dance.  Your dancing with people in you dance class, but then you also dance with others as well.

Oh, yes!  If my stamina was a little better, I would have.  But, I did stay 2 1/4 hours and I had so much fun, it seemed like a fairy tale!

If the world danced with each other all the time, there would be no war, no misery!  Just a bunch of people having fun!  And, drinking a lot of water!  Ha!

George’s new bed

During summer break I decided to start taking some sewing lessons.  My first project was a dog bed for George, my Cockerpoo.   I have attached a couple of videos I made of my introduction of this bed to George.  Not the happy ending I was hoping for.  But, it made for a hilarious video that I will cherish.

I also have a cat named Schroeder.  He is the baby of the family and never ceases to tickle me. Enough said……

At least someone will enjoy it.

Portraits…. that’s new to me!

I decided after many years that I had to try my hand at portraits again..  I always seem to hit impasse when I try to draw a portrait.  I decided back in August I was going to draw a portrait, and I meant it! 

Here is my journey…….  from beginning to end!

That’s not your Grandfather!

   Sometimes it’s just better to stop and start over again…….

Mainly because that’s just not my grandfather.  “I’m sorry Papa, I’m gonna start over and try one more time.”   And, I’m making this vow to myself.  I’m going to keep on keeping on until I get it right.

ps – I’m some what of a Beatles fanatic, so this is not the last excerpt you will see.  I just know it.  So many things from that movie that apply to life.  So many!  But just saying, my grandfather was a better looking gentleman that the one in the movie…. just saying.

These eyes…….. ewe?

I decided to start over with the portrait of  my grandfather, since Blair said it looked like a spanish gentleman.  As I’ve said before, “That’s not my grandfather!”

I took the photo of Papa and turned it upside down.  I decided after others, who know, told me it might be easier to draw upside down.  Left brain/right brain thing…..?  Well, it looks some better, as better goes…..but I’m still not convinced it looks like Papa.  Lordy, this is not easy!

Here is the final finished product…..!  I think for my first portrait, it looks pretty damn close!  DSCN0416

I feel so good about this that I’m doing one of my Mom & Dad.  I’m going to draw them from their photo portraits done in their 20’s.  I think it was their 20’s…. they were young anyway.  What’s so important about age anyway, it’s just a number. They sit on my dresser and I look at them all the time.  So, here I go again!!!

Dad0001 Mom0001


If you have excellent vision, you can probably tell that I’ve started on the head.  I’ve come to a halt today since I reached his nose and ear……  these area’s are intimidating to me for some reason.  I have to make sure that I am feeling “all creative” before I can continue on.  But, on a happy note, I am on fall break, I’ve promised myself this time would be spent creatively so I have all the time in the world to get this right.  At this point, that’s how it seems…. :[  Ha!  We will see…..

I know this is my 2nd post in one day, but I’m on fall break and I’m on a roll…..

Lollipops, Oh Lolli Lollipops

?????????? ?????????? ??????????

I have been working on this “L’ for forever!  It surprised me when I realized how intense it is to paint Lollipops!  I’m serious, it’s amazing…..

for those of you who have not followed my previous Blogger blog, I have creating these paper mache letters with interesting designs for a time now.  I am working on my “M’ already…..  a flower theme I think.

Here are some of the previous letters I’ve completed and now are for sale at D in Lace completed elephants earth and elderberries F  for fence with pretty flower Gerbera Daisy G Heather H Ivy I

And, just to add a little side bar, I have also done a few that have been for individuals…. 100MEDIA_IMAG0776 Amelias A Blairs B the one that started it all Scot and JessicaK J

Halloween can not be missed also, so here are my contributions to Halloween 2013

?????????? ??????????

Boy that spider H is blurry.  I tried to find the clear one, but I haven’t got all day.  If I find it later, I will give it the attention it deserves….  It’s really cute!Jack J Here it is!  Told you it was cute!

Just wanted you to see a samplin of what kind of crafts I’m in to at present.

I’ll show you some of my sewn projects next!  Yes, I sew too!  Ha! Ha!