It’s so much fun! It is official, AllBeckysCreations is now an official full time job!Some times people get distracted by life, and the things that they love become something they loved. I almost allowed this to happen due to some expected and unexpected circumstances. I saw a video on YouTube explaining gelli prints. I had seen so many on Etsy and Facebook, I had to check it out. After watching these video’s I ordered a gelli plate for myself and began experimenting. Sometimes it just takes a spark to start a fire. Well, I’m on fire. I have also been painting, drawing and doing some painted letters, but this collage thing is great! It’s just so much fun and the sky is the limit to what can be done! You will see much more of me in the future, lots of work to add to my Etsy Shoppe. I’ve been doing a good bit of custom orders, which I really enjoy. (hint hint) Stay tuned for more!

getting started is half the battle

getting started…. Where do I start?

Some of you may already know this, but just in case…. I moved in with my Dad  July 1st after my Mom passed away.

I came back to Georgia after living in Nashville, TN for 27 years.  Leaving behind not only dear, dear friends but also my grown children.  Both of my children consider Nashville their home town even though neither was born there. 

It has taken me 3 1/2 weeks to get my art studio the way I want it.  Well, everything but artwork on the walls.  I’m still waiting to hang stuff. It has been months since my creative juices flowed.  I don’t  remember what month I completed my last piece of art work.  It was probably April, or maybe March.  No, I’m pretty sure it was April.

It is true that I have been in a state of some depression, which always causes problems with creativity.  But, in light of the fact that I have worked diligently to turn my art into a career, I have been concerned that I needed to get down here in this new studio and be creative.  I may not be able to create anything that I feel is sales worthy, but it is important to start creating.


My daughter was recently in Chicago and took a photo of the sunrise over the Great Lakes.  I decided this photo would be an excellent one to start with. There wasn’t an enormous amount of articulate detail work, so this would be great.  Ha!  There it sits on my painting table.


Then, when I realized that this was not going to be something I wanted to work on at this point, I found the garden apron I made back in the fall.  This apron was humongous.  I thought a family of clowns would fit comfortably into my apron.  Garden apron

See, I told you it was ginormous!

I started altering the seams on the side to make it a better fit.  I worked on it for a couple of days.  Once I felt it was of a more appropriate size, I decided to tie-dye it.  I thought it would make a aesthetically more appealing appearance. my disclaimer… I have tie-dyed before very successfully.

shattered dreams splitting seams


OH LOrd!  Look what I did!

ruined!  RUINED!

all that work I put into this apron, and it’s “Ruined!”

( the tie-dye was a complete failure)


So, I got this bright idea that I would find something to draw!  Draw, I can do that!  Well, I found another seascape, and I started working on it.  Ugh! barely started

I don’t know how this got so messy, but it did and then I got frustrated. I just really don’t know what I’m gonna do?

I guess I’m gonna go back to my studio tomorrow and I’m going to pick myself up, dust myself off and start all over again!



A Storm Passing by….. here comes the Sun! Hooray!

??????????   A Storm passing by……

A friend of mine on facebook put this picture on his timeline some time ago.  I placed it in my favorites and kept going back to look at it from time to time.  I really wanted to draw it, but I had to think on it for a while.  Partly, I thought about it because I needed to decide how it must be done, but also I wanted to be in the right frame of mind before tackling it.

I thought it turned out quite nice, especially since I decided to paint the sunshine peeking through the clouds with an acrylic wash.  I really needed to convey this sunshine in a tremendous way.  I like how it worked.  Quite pleased.  Of course, I am no photographer, so getting the right photo is definitely a challenge.  I am learning about lighting.  Too much light and it isn’t represented correctly, too little and it’s just too dark.  The trick for me is finding that “Happy Place” where it is just right.

We had a snow day today, Ha!  I laugh because there is no snow!  There hasn’t been all day.  The school system with which I work, was talked into it by the weathermen of Nashville, TN..  They speak of weather illusively until it’s here for all the world to see, but yesterday they were all so confident that the weather would turn on us, that they talked the school system into believing them.  Ha!  Wrong!  No snow!  So, hundreds of kids are stuck home playing video games and watching tv instead of going to school.  And, I get a snow day…. that wonderful day where I don’t go to school, I’m not sick and I get paid for it!  Ha!  We have not had the extreme snow problem that has plagued the US of late.  We have had frigid weather one day and spring like days the next.  A very strange winter, we already have used 3 of our 6 snow days, so I hope that we continue to live without snow now.  But, I say that understanding that many, including members of my own family have been stranded, stopped and over taken by snowstorms…..

May we all see the sunshine really soon!  Spring….. where are you?  

My second portrait – Dad


My Dad – This is what he looked like with I was a little girl. 

So upsetting

As you can see, my first attempt at his face, was a total debacle.  Normal people do not have mouths that big, unless an operation to make them voluptuous went terribly wrong, and as you can see in the photo, my fathers lips are perfectly normal.

So, it was time to forget the past, and move on to another try.


I do believe that this is almost there…..  some how I did not quite get his face long enough, but it is a real good picture other than the length.  I’m thinking if I haven’t rubbed the paper raw I may work on that neck… I’m seriously thinking that is the problem.  You may see more of this portrait, if not, then it’s on to Mom.

My second portrait – Dad (many years ago)

In a previous post from October 7th I showed my progress with my very first portrait  of my grandfather.  Just as a beginning place, I wanted to remind you of the progress from beginning to end.

I don't know who this is, but it's not my grandfather

I don’t know who this is, but it’s not my grandfather




My completed piece was a much better portrait than I began with.

Since drawing has always been a passion of mine, it startles me now that I allowed myself to have such difficulty learning to draw a portrait.  As a girl, they just scared me so bad, so I stuck with still life, and architecture.


Now, on to Daddy….

Oh, just as with Papa, when I began Dads portrait I miscalculated and came out with this…. (don’t judge me….)

So upsetting

but, I caught a deep breathe and started over…….

this is what I have so far……

getting better....

getting better….

I would really like to get all the kinks out before I start on Mom.

Practice, practice, practice……

Total Art Soulcraftori_badge

Portraits…. that’s new to me!

I decided after many years that I had to try my hand at portraits again..  I always seem to hit impasse when I try to draw a portrait.  I decided back in August I was going to draw a portrait, and I meant it! 

Here is my journey…….  from beginning to end!

That’s not your Grandfather!

   Sometimes it’s just better to stop and start over again…….

Mainly because that’s just not my grandfather.  “I’m sorry Papa, I’m gonna start over and try one more time.”   And, I’m making this vow to myself.  I’m going to keep on keeping on until I get it right.

ps – I’m some what of a Beatles fanatic, so this is not the last excerpt you will see.  I just know it.  So many things from that movie that apply to life.  So many!  But just saying, my grandfather was a better looking gentleman that the one in the movie…. just saying.

These eyes…….. ewe?

I decided to start over with the portrait of  my grandfather, since Blair said it looked like a spanish gentleman.  As I’ve said before, “That’s not my grandfather!”

I took the photo of Papa and turned it upside down.  I decided after others, who know, told me it might be easier to draw upside down.  Left brain/right brain thing…..?  Well, it looks some better, as better goes…..but I’m still not convinced it looks like Papa.  Lordy, this is not easy!

Here is the final finished product…..!  I think for my first portrait, it looks pretty damn close!  DSCN0416

I feel so good about this that I’m doing one of my Mom & Dad.  I’m going to draw them from their photo portraits done in their 20’s.  I think it was their 20’s…. they were young anyway.  What’s so important about age anyway, it’s just a number. They sit on my dresser and I look at them all the time.  So, here I go again!!!

Dad0001 Mom0001


If you have excellent vision, you can probably tell that I’ve started on the head.  I’ve come to a halt today since I reached his nose and ear……  these area’s are intimidating to me for some reason.  I have to make sure that I am feeling “all creative” before I can continue on.  But, on a happy note, I am on fall break, I’ve promised myself this time would be spent creatively so I have all the time in the world to get this right.  At this point, that’s how it seems…. :[  Ha!  We will see…..

I know this is my 2nd post in one day, but I’m on fall break and I’m on a roll…..