my website….?

   I wanted to let everyone know, just in case….. My website is down for a time.  I decided to move to another web browser, so it may be a week before I’m back up.  But, don’t think I won’t tell you when it is up! 
Thank you for your patience!  My facebook page and Etsy site are still up and running…..   

Christmas is coming…. ( too fast)

Schroeder in treeSchroeder taking refuge….

A week ago I would have said that this season is just too busy.  Too much to do!   I had planned on participating in a Christmas Marketplace in Portland TN.  called “Last Chance Santa”.

I was so totally excited,  my first crafts fair.  I spent all last week catagorizing, pricing and tagging all my work.  I had collected all the items I felt one would need for booth decor.  I installed a program in my phone for scanning credit cards.  Collected lights, banners, receipt books, table cloth, the works…..   however, since this is my first, I didn’t want to go overboard, so I rented an outdoor booth?  Outdoor, and this is December…?  What was I thinking?  (I have no idea!)  Not only would it be as cold as H*)), but I had no canopy.  Just shake your head, I am!

As is usual in Tennessee during December, it began to rain, fortunately for me it was in time to make a quick withdrawal from the Marketplace, and thankfully for the organization, ” Sweet Tea & Shopping” and the lady who organized this event, she was able to move my participation to the Spring Spectacular (March 28 & 29, 2014).  I am a happy lady!

So, instead of being so so busy with this weekends event, and next weekend with my daughter at a Christmas marathon in Alabama, I had the weekend off!  Yay!

I have always said that the best job in the world is that of a meteorologist.  Due to the ability to be wrong every day of the week and still keep your job.  Rain was suppose to turn into sleet, the temperature was going to drop to freezing and we were suppose to wake to a “Winter Wonderland”.

New York in winterNO Such Luck!


More like this……

So, George Schroeder and I put up the tree.

Schroeder in contemplation

And we made some corn chowder…. (only for my consumption, much to George’s dismay…..)

The sweetest dog in the world

and then we sat and watched Christmas specials in my nice warm apartment.  So, all is not lost!