from A to Z

    When you think of “A”, it’s thought of as the beginning.  ABCs

     So, if “A” is the beginning, then “Z” would be the end.  Wouldn’t it?

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What if “Z” was only a re-spite.  Only something that happens to get you to something wonderful.

What if something better were to take place after you got to Z.  What if getting to Z wasn’t the end, maybe just a rest before starting at “A” again?

Maybe, “B – Y”, is just what will happen in the by & by. Maybe, just maybe it is a field of flowers ready to be picked, or adventures ready to be had!

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The Renaissance Center, Dickson, TN

Dickson mural

Dickson mural (Photo credit: osmium)

The Renaissance Center in Dickson, TN




I had an appointment with the curator at the Renaissance Center in Dickson, TN Monday after work.  Well, 4:30 to be precise.


I get off at 3:15, so I got right on the highway and started on my 40 minute drive.  Hoping to be early, just in case.


From the moment I got on the highway I kept seeing messages on the signs across the highway saying 40 west was closed at mile marker 182.  I just kept driving down the highway.


Since I have lived in Nashville for over 20 years, I know how to get to Dickson, TN the old fashion way on county roads.  Did I get off the highway and take any of them.  Well, I thought about it, but just kept on driving for fear I would be late.


I got 23 miles down the road to Kingston Spring, TN and saw traffic up ahead.  Did I pull off and get on any of those county roads.  Hell NO!  ?


I just decided that I wanted to get behind all those cars and wait forever.  I just stopped, then almost immediately drove .001 miles up the road and stopped again.  Do I need to tell you how bad I hate semi’s.  Oh my god, I’m in my little Mini Cooper and I spent most of my time trying to stay away from the semi’s, and that is not easy in interstate traffic.


I did call and explain my predicament, so that was cool.  The curator was very understanding and kept telling me to just be careful.  As a semi came up from no where behind me.  If you get in the left lane the right lane goes faster, if you move to the right lane, the left picks up.  Ugh!  Turns out that a tanker truck, (semi) was involved in an accident and caught on fire. I remember when I was in insurance we called the drivers of oil tankers Suicide Drivers.  Why not haul ice cream?  Beer?  Cokes…. I mean really!  Or, oh, oh,  haul chocolate.  That’s the ticket!  Chocolate ice cream.  Ha!  I could get into that!


I got there at 6pm.  Ugh!  Lisa, the curator was there with a smile on her face waiting. Such a warm and personable lady.


I showed her several framed drawings that I took with me.  She took 3 of them to sale in the market!  YAY!!!


Before I left I forgot that I had several drawings that had not been framed in my portfolio.  I showed these to Lisa as well and she asked that I get three more framed and call her.  She wanted to put those in the market as well.  Ha!


All of a sudden, it didn’t matter what time it was, how long I had sat on the highway.  I didn’t matter that I hadn’t gotten on a country road…. nothing mattered except for the absolute thrilling feeling of satisfaction and excitement.


Dickson County Courthouse in Charlotte

Dickson County Courthouse in Charlotte (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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Spectacular Spring




Spring Spectacular – Portland, TN


It’s countdown time !

My first arts and crafts fair, I’m just beside myself with excitement, hope, and anxiousness about next weekend.

I will of course send you stories from beginning to end, with as many photo’s as I can remember to take.  I have a friend who will be going along to help, (and make sure someone is always at the booth)

I wanted to show some of the items that I plan to have in my booth for sale.  Of course, I will have 3 drawings, 2 small paintings, and a entire alphabet of painted paper mache letters.  I also have a few aprons, a number of purses and bags.  I also have an original drawing I did of New Orleans.  Professionally matted and framed. ABCs

D in Lace completedelephants earth and elderberriesF  for fence with pretty flowerGerbera Daisy GHeather HIvy Iphoto 2 (3)K??????????????????????????????Qphoto 3photo 1 (3)??????????photo 2 (4)DSCN0641photo 4 (2)photo 1 (2)photo 4 (1)photo 3 (1)photo 2 (2)photo 1 (1)

I apologize for the condition of the photo’s of the “L” and the “O”.  Way too dark!

Along with an alphabet of letters, I also have drawings….

DSCN00261472909_623220951067451_260201574_nThe Old Barn on Kellum Valley Road

Along with a drawing of New Orleans that is professionally matted & framed.

New Orleans

I also have sewn crafts such as aprons and purses.

DSCN0288????????????????????market bag

school time apron

my 5 x 7 paintings….

DSCN0640photo 4

You are probably saying it’s just T.M.I…… there is more, but I will leave something for those that actually come.

You must understand how absolutely excited I am!

My second portrait – Dad


My Dad – This is what he looked like with I was a little girl. 

So upsetting

As you can see, my first attempt at his face, was a total debacle.  Normal people do not have mouths that big, unless an operation to make them voluptuous went terribly wrong, and as you can see in the photo, my fathers lips are perfectly normal.

So, it was time to forget the past, and move on to another try.


I do believe that this is almost there…..  some how I did not quite get his face long enough, but it is a real good picture other than the length.  I’m thinking if I haven’t rubbed the paper raw I may work on that neck… I’m seriously thinking that is the problem.  You may see more of this portrait, if not, then it’s on to Mom.

My second portrait – Dad (many years ago)

In a previous post from October 7th I showed my progress with my very first portrait  of my grandfather.  Just as a beginning place, I wanted to remind you of the progress from beginning to end.

I don't know who this is, but it's not my grandfather

I don’t know who this is, but it’s not my grandfather




My completed piece was a much better portrait than I began with.

Since drawing has always been a passion of mine, it startles me now that I allowed myself to have such difficulty learning to draw a portrait.  As a girl, they just scared me so bad, so I stuck with still life, and architecture.


Now, on to Daddy….

Oh, just as with Papa, when I began Dads portrait I miscalculated and came out with this…. (don’t judge me….)

So upsetting

but, I caught a deep breathe and started over…….

this is what I have so far……

getting better....

getting better….

I would really like to get all the kinks out before I start on Mom.

Practice, practice, practice……

Total Art Soulcraftori_badge

Portraits…. that’s new to me!

I decided after many years that I had to try my hand at portraits again..  I always seem to hit impasse when I try to draw a portrait.  I decided back in August I was going to draw a portrait, and I meant it! 

Here is my journey…….  from beginning to end!

That’s not your Grandfather!

   Sometimes it’s just better to stop and start over again…….

Mainly because that’s just not my grandfather.  “I’m sorry Papa, I’m gonna start over and try one more time.”   And, I’m making this vow to myself.  I’m going to keep on keeping on until I get it right.

ps – I’m some what of a Beatles fanatic, so this is not the last excerpt you will see.  I just know it.  So many things from that movie that apply to life.  So many!  But just saying, my grandfather was a better looking gentleman that the one in the movie…. just saying.

These eyes…….. ewe?

I decided to start over with the portrait of  my grandfather, since Blair said it looked like a spanish gentleman.  As I’ve said before, “That’s not my grandfather!”

I took the photo of Papa and turned it upside down.  I decided after others, who know, told me it might be easier to draw upside down.  Left brain/right brain thing…..?  Well, it looks some better, as better goes…..but I’m still not convinced it looks like Papa.  Lordy, this is not easy!

Here is the final finished product…..!  I think for my first portrait, it looks pretty damn close!  DSCN0416

I feel so good about this that I’m doing one of my Mom & Dad.  I’m going to draw them from their photo portraits done in their 20’s.  I think it was their 20’s…. they were young anyway.  What’s so important about age anyway, it’s just a number. They sit on my dresser and I look at them all the time.  So, here I go again!!!

Dad0001 Mom0001


If you have excellent vision, you can probably tell that I’ve started on the head.  I’ve come to a halt today since I reached his nose and ear……  these area’s are intimidating to me for some reason.  I have to make sure that I am feeling “all creative” before I can continue on.  But, on a happy note, I am on fall break, I’ve promised myself this time would be spent creatively so I have all the time in the world to get this right.  At this point, that’s how it seems…. :[  Ha!  We will see…..

I know this is my 2nd post in one day, but I’m on fall break and I’m on a roll…..