just about autumn

October is right around the corner….  pumpkins, apple cider, crisp weather to bring the sweater out.  I especially love the colors, and I am now only 30 to 45 minutes away from the North Georgia mountains!  Yay!  Crafts fairs, apple festivals, tourists….  that is something everyone has to tolerate.  The one thing about living in Nashville, TN that you come to understand is that tourists feed the city.  They make it Music City, so some people coming in to see the pretty leaves should not be completely unpleasant, because I understand now how important they are to a communities existence.  

I’ve been in Georgia for 3 months.  Dad and I have reintroduced ourselves to eachothers idiosyncrasies.  I have settled into a regular routine.  

Now, I have attracted some germ into my life.  I don’t know whether it’s the emotional upheaval I have been in since May.  I don’t know if it’s from all the activity in my life since Mom passed, or the kids.  Working in a non profit intervention center for disabled children does bring the germs about.

I went to the doctor and all he could say was it wasn’t strep throat.  He just chalked it up to some kid, in my line of work that is ofter all doctors consider when I go into their office with some funk in my chest. I’m taking a Z-pak, into my fourth day and I’m still sore all over and feeling miserable.  

This is all ticking me off.  Autumn is one of my favorite seasons.  From the first day of Autumn til the beginning of winter and Christmas and New Year.  Oh, it feels me with so many great feelings and happy thoughts.  So this germ, whatever his name is, must go!  He must go now!  ( notice I made him a male, Ha! )  Not to slam all men, some of my favorite people are men, I just don’t have alot of those.

I have things to do, creations to create.  There are paintings and drawings downstairs waiting for me.  

Not to forget, and in many ways the most important thing that I must get over this funk for…..

I will get well, I will!  This autumn will be the best so far.  I will not let this germ destroy my autumn.  I will persevere!  


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