Things I’ve learned in a month….

  • The things I have learned in a month….
  • 1.   Life moves on 
  • 2.    time flies
  • 3.    When moving into your old room after 30+ years, you need new furniture.  
  • 4.    It’s hard watching your father grow old.
  • 5.    Even though Mom doesn’t live here any more, she does!  
  • 6.    I’ve been drawing a real long time…..  ( These hang in Mom’s cabin)


 I’m sorry some of these are hard to see.  I drew them all in the 80 and 90’s.  They all hang in a room with little light, even in the day time.

DSCN0709This is what “Nanny’s cabin” looked like when Mom bought it in 1978.  I drew this after my children were born.  

DSCN0717This is what it looks like now.  Well, give or take a bush or two.  I drew this about 5 to 10 years ago.  Forgive me but time flies and I just can’t keep up!

  • 7.  my creative juices still flow, and I can learn new things.  
  • Mom Gelli

    Bought a gelli plate. Bought a book on transfers and another on gelli printing and “Voila” Named it “On her way to the ball”.

    8.  Did I say that “life goes on”?  

  • 9.  I feel her here with us.  Almost like she is in the next room.  

      10. The grass is still green

     11.  Everyone else are going about their days just as before. 

    12..  Life goes on and so will we……  

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