Samplin of my work


Hi! I started this blog to showcase my work. I have had a blogspot for a year and I had only recently started understanding what I was doing. Please be patient with me while I learn this WordPress system.

My drawings have been my first love since I was a child. My favorite subject are homes and other architecture. I also sew aprons and handbags. I have crafts, customized letters and stationery boxes. I have recently started on portraits. I’m still working on this one.
I’ve been drawing since I was a young girl. It just seemed to be the only thing that truly brought me joy.
I remember asking my mother if I could take art lessons at the art gallery in my home town.
So many times throughout my adult life family and friends have wondered why I did nothing with my art. I have often wondered that myself.

I majored in Art Education in the 70’s. When I graduated from college I started a family and my art education was a piece of paper hanging on the wall.
I recently found myself divorce and I made the decision to focus on my creative strengths while building a new life for myself. I decided to start this blog, to help me stay focused and build my circle of friends and supporters for strength and encouragement.

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I was married 32 years, until I divorced 2 years ago next month. During a great deal of my marriage I worked in the insurance industry while raising my family. After I found myself unemployed at the onset of the recession I found a job working in the Davidson County school system. I’ve spent the past five years working for a special education pre-k teacher’s assistant during the school year.

I have been very pleased with what a close knit community Etsy is. It is crafts people and artisans helping each other, and admiring each other. I have been very pleased with that aspect of my experience so far.

I’ve always enjoyed architecture and house plans, so much that at one point during college I considered majoring in architecture. When my children were small we lived in one of the oldest neighborhoods in Nashville, with many styles of architecture from years ago. I loved to take pictures of the different homes in our area and draw them in my spare time. I belonged to the Nashville Art League at the time and would put the piece’s in our art gallery and send notes to the homeowners letting them know that I had drawn a picture of their home. Many times they would write me a note back telling me the history of the home. It was wonderful. I was honored to have link to history of the neighborhood and to Nashville.
I was asked many times why I didn’t create a book using the notes that I received and the pictures that I drew. At the time I was doing it I never even thought about it. I guess I could have, and some people may say I should have. But, I didn’t. I can’t go back and change anything at this point, I can only move forward from where I am now. I do still love architecture, and I love the architecture of old Nashville. As this city evolves I am always hopeful that enough of the Old City remains, so that no one ever truly looses site of where we came from and what it is that brought us to this place.

I look forward to sharing my creative journey with you. I affectionately call it my Creative Adventure.
Please check out my Etsy Shop at And my facebook page at

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